Thank you for your interest in The Kenyon Review. Be sure to choose the correct submission category (drama, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translation, or book reviews) and carefully read the submission guidelines to determine what information to include with your submission. In the case of the Patricia Grodd Poetry Contest, the Short Fiction Contest, or the Short Nonfiction Contest check the guidelines to ensure your eligibility and learn about the open submission periods.

For regular submissions: 

Please note that all submissions are considered for publication in either the Kenyon Review or KROnline. The two are aesthetically distinct spaces and, if accepted, your work will be published in one. We urge our submitters to read and become familiar with both. We are especially eager to discover and publish work by new voices from traditionally underserved communities.

Please submit no more than one submission in a given genre during this reading period; multiple submissions sent in the same genre will be  returned unread. Simultaneous submissions are permitted. Please notify us immediately if the work has been accepted elsewhere:

  • For prose and drama submissions, please use your account to withdraw your piece
  • For poetry submissions, please use your account to add a note to your submission listing the titles of works no longer available for consideration

We will only consider work that has not been previously published either in print or online. 

If your work is accepted it will be subject to an agreement granting The Kenyon Review first publication rights. You retain the rights to the work after first publication.

By submitting the work for consideration, you represent that:

The work is not in the public domain, has not been published in any other publication in any jurisdiction in the World, has not been distributed or displayed to members of the public, and you have not made any agreement with another party inconsistent with granting first publication rights to us. (It is important for us to know if your work is to be included in a collection or larger work being prepared for future publication. Please let us know, right away, the title, publisher and planned publication date.);

The work is your original authorship and no other party has a claim to rights in it except as you specifically disclose at the time of your submission;

In the case of translations, you have obtained permission of the author or the author’s agent or estate to publish your translation; and

There is nothing in the work that is libelous, invades personal privacy or deprives another of the right of publicity, or is otherwise actionably tortious or illegal.

Thank you in advance for sharing your work with us!

We consider:

  • short fiction and essays (up to 7,500 words)
  • flash fiction and essays (up to 3 pieces, up to 1,000 words each; please format and submit as a single document)
  • poetry (up to 6 poems; please format and submit as a single document)
  • plays (up to 30 pages)
  • excerpts (up to 30 pages) from larger works
  • translations of poetry and short prose
  • book reviews (please click here for submission guidelines)

We do not accept:

  • unsolicited interviews
  • unsolicited artwork
  • email submissions (please use the system on our site)
  • previously published material

Thank you for your interest in KR Reviews. We’re grateful for your attention to literature and your contribution to the larger literary community. Book reviews, we know, take much time and care, and we hope to provide platforms for reviews—and the books they’re covering—to reach a wide audience through KROnline

Along with desire to publish work from a diverse group of reviewers, we also welcome reviews that reflect our multi-faceted, diverse literary landscape, and are especially interested in reviews of books from small presses, relevant re-issues, and translations.

Kenyon Review takes seriously the art and ethics of reviewing, and our editors attempt to minimize conflicts of interest that may distort a review. If you have any relationship with the author or press of the book you’re reviewing, please include that in a disclosure note at the top of your review. While we realize some connections are unavoidable, we normally discourage the reviewing of friends, colleagues, and press-mates. 

Our book reviews are usually 1,000 to 1,200 words in length and written for a general-interest literary audience; please familiarize yourself with the reviews published in KROnline before submitting your review ( Accepted reviews are featured online and pay $50.

At the beginning of the review, please include the following book information: 

Title. First Name Last Name. City: Publisher, Year. Pages. Price. 

Sample: The Beauty. Jane Hirshfield. New York, NY: Knopf, 2015. 112 pages. $26.00.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Book Review editors at

Welcome to the 2020 Kenyon Review Short Nonfiction Contest!

The contest is open to all writers who have not yet published a book of creative nonfiction. Submissions must be 1,200 words or fewer. Ira Sukrungruang, author of the memoirs Southside Buddhist and Talk Thai: The Adventures of Buddhist Boy, will be the final judge. The Kenyon Review will publish the winning short essay in the Mar/Apr 2021 issue, and the author will be awarded a scholarship to attend the 2020 Writers  Workshop, June 21-27 or July 12-18, in Gambier, Ohio. Additional info on the  Writers Workshop is available here.

The entry fee for the Short Nonfiction Contest is just $24, and all entrants receive a one-year subscription to KR.* As always, we will open in the fall for regular submissions, which we read at no cost to writers. 

Submission Guidelines:

1.) Writers must not have published a book of creative nonfiction at the time of submission. (We define a “published book of creative nonfiction” as a memoir,  book of essays, or other creative nonfiction collection written by you and  published by someone other than you in print, on the web, or in ebook  format.)

2.) Essays must be no more than 1,200 words in length.

3.) One submission per entrant.

4.) Please do not simultaneously submit your contest entry to another magazine or contest.

5.) Please do not submit work that has been previously published.

6.) All entries will be read blind. Before you submit, please remove your name and any other identifying information from your manuscript.

7.) The submissions link will be active December 1st to 31st. All work must be submitted through our electronic system. We cannot accept paper submissions.

8.) The $24 entry fee will be collected at the time of submission. Your new subscription to the Kenyon Review will start with the Mar/Apr 2020 issue. Current subscribers will receive a one-year extension on their current subscription. *Please note: we are only able to offer domestic print subscriptions for this special contest rate. If you live abroad (including Canada), we will happily provide you with a digital-only one-year subscription to the magazine. 

9.) Winners will be announced in the late spring. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of any decisions regarding your work.

Thanks for your interest in this contest!

The Kenyon Review